OK, I have to start somewhere.

Hello world!

All right, I have been hesitating and postponing and procrastinating on blogging since April. Enough already. A friend recently challenged me to start blogging again, and I have decided to take up the gauntlet. It’s taken me a couple of days to get things set up in WordPress. I even wrote an “About” page, which I’ve never really had before; check it out. The software has required some getting used to, after 6 (!) years on Blogger. I’m thinking right now that the new blog will have daily themes, and that Mondays will be “All about Me Mondays,” because yeah, I’m a narcissist that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ I took this picture yesterday in our little park by the river while walking around town with Sam in his stroller. After a rainy start, it turned out to be a pretty pleasant fall day, nice and mild. In keeping with the “reboot” theme of this here new blog of mine, I am sporting fresh hair colour (I decided to say goodbye to my “tinsel” or silver hairs for a bit), new glasses, and the cashmere scarf I recently finished knitting after working at it sporadically for months. (The scarf kit was a Christmas gift from Derek, and oh how divine it is. Rav details here for my knitty friends.) There are so many things I love in this picture — the soft, diffuse outdoor light, my short hair, Burt’s Bees lip balm in Fig (I will cry if they ever stop making this stuff), the art-glass jewelry I bought in Montreal with Kristen, the rich bold red of my scarf which has become my absolutely favourite colour in the world. Maybe a bit tired, but otherwise lookin’ pretty good for a mom of 40, I think… But what you don’t see here is the job I dread returning to in January when my maternity leave ends, the serious sleep deficit, or the pot belly that really does need to go, dammit. I have some work to do. I’ll be talking about my career and health improvement plans and progress in this space over the weeks and months to come.

(*tap, tap… this thing on?*)


About Lisa

My name is Lisa, and I used to have a mostly knitting blog called 42 Main Street, at http://www2.cyg.net/~lisafortin. I became a mom in January 2010, and suddenly I wasn't knitting very much any more. Then Blogger stopped supporting FTP and I couldn't keep blogging at that address any more. Although I originally planned to start a new 42 Main Street on WordPress, somehow that identity didn't really fit any more, so I decided it was "Time to Reboot," and that's why you'll find me here now: https://timetoreboot.wordpress.com.
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6 Responses to OK, I have to start somewhere.

  1. Lorne Beaton says:

    Lisa, you’re looking good and living life to the fullest! You’ve got me thinking about trying again to move over to WordPress… Had a bad experience (and threw a tantrum over it) but darn it, WP has some hard-to-ignore advantages over the rather tired Blogger.

  2. Liz says:

    Good to see you again!
    I can’t believe how much your little guy has grown–I still have the Christmas card from before he made his debut. He’s changed a bit since then… ;D
    Tired or not, you still look good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. mf says:



  4. Kristen says:

    I’ve missed your blogging, Lisa. I very much hear your voice when you write.

    And yes, you are a fabulous forty!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Glad you are back up and running!!! I can’t wait to hear about everything going on — and I think narcissistic Mondays are a great idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love the hair!!

    And you’re going to love wordpress. Promise.

  6. Nice blog revival! That wonderful voice again, so you. (Needs more Mennonite cowbell, though.)

    Seems like ages since we’ve spoken. Egad, how can your return to the Grind be looming so large so soon? (Reading between the lines, I’m assuming that the revenue from the ostrich ranch didn’t quite reach your business plan forecast for Year 1?)

    So Derek was right after all. More demand for ostrich dung than for feathers, down, and amulets. As you’ll no doubt concede now, I did tell you so: that man knows the giant fowl market.

    Still room for him in the Quantum Sleeper business, too. When he’s ready.

    Best to Sam.

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