A new blog feature: Lisa’s link o’ the day

A wise blogger told me once that it’s not a “real” blog post until it links to something… got me thinking it would be fun to share links to stuff I’ve been listening to, reading, watching, thinking about, etc. Hence this new feature.

Thanks to Scumkitten for bringing this video to my attention! So much fun. I love how they maintain their serious faces throughout the performance… I wouldn’t have been able to stop smiling.


About Lisa

My name is Lisa, and I used to have a mostly knitting blog called 42 Main Street, at http://www2.cyg.net/~lisafortin. I became a mom in January 2010, and suddenly I wasn't knitting very much any more. Then Blogger stopped supporting FTP and I couldn't keep blogging at that address any more. Although I originally planned to start a new 42 Main Street on WordPress, somehow that identity didn't really fit any more, so I decided it was "Time to Reboot," and that's why you'll find me here now: https://timetoreboot.wordpress.com.
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One Response to A new blog feature: Lisa’s link o’ the day

  1. mf says:

    whoa, _skills_

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