Mmm, what do you taste like?

This picture makes me smile. There are three very tame, friendly (pesty, really) young cats at the in-laws’ farm. Sat Sam down outside on a mild day a week or two ago, and within seconds they were swarming him for attention. I took a bunch of pictures and this is my favourite — Sam looks like he’s about to chew on the kitty’s spine, and the kitty is just loving it. Plus he’s wearing a sweater I made for my friend Sabina’s son a few years back, that she kindly included with a bunch of her boys’ hand-me-downs; it fits him perfectly and looks great on him now, to my utter delight.

Sam has been developing so fast! He’s gone from crawling to pulling up to cruising in like a month. Last week he figured out how to sit himself back down in a controlled fashion after pulling up, which was a great relief after a couple weeks of having to rescue him multiple times per day, including in his crib when he was supposed to be sleeping. (Yeah, that was fun.) On the weekend we discovered that his crab-crawling is actually much more efficient on our slippery hard floors than standard crawling; on the wall-to-wall carpet at my mom’s, he would crawl in the standard baby fashion with no trouble, but on the kitchen and bathroom floors he switched to crab-crawling to get himself around as he had much better traction that way. Amazing! Man, next thing you know, he’ll be walking — it’s all happening so quickly!!

Two parenting-related Links of the Day today:

Free Range Kids: Thoughtful and SANE ideas on parenting, from what I can see. I’ll be reading this regularly and adding it to my blogroll.

On the other end of the spectrum, Shit My Kids Ruined: How have I never come across this blog before?! OMG it is hilarious, although my laughter is of the “whistling in the dark” variety, as I know it is just a matter of time before I have my own contributions to make… 🙂 Thanks to Yorkster for bringing this one to my attention!


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