Sleep FAIL

Just a quick post today, in the spirit of trying to maintain my daily posting schedule on weekdays. Further to my last “All About Me Mondays” post, I have made no progress in going to bed earlier and using my CPAP machine. Bleah. That’s the reason I didn’t post here last Monday; I was ashamed of my utter failure to make any improvement whatsoever on this issue. Not sure what I need to do to get my ass in gear besides, well, “just doing it.” Both rebukes and advice would be welcome at this point. I seriously need to make progress on this issue! Help?

And for today’s LOTD: the song that has been running through my head lately. Heard it in the car for the first time in years the other day, bought it on iTunes as soon as I got home, and have been listening to it practically every day since. I think it may have something to do with how fast Sam is growing up… more on that subject tomorrow.


About Lisa

My name is Lisa, and I used to have a mostly knitting blog called 42 Main Street, at I became a mom in January 2010, and suddenly I wasn't knitting very much any more. Then Blogger stopped supporting FTP and I couldn't keep blogging at that address any more. Although I originally planned to start a new 42 Main Street on WordPress, somehow that identity didn't really fit any more, so I decided it was "Time to Reboot," and that's why you'll find me here now:
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One Response to Sleep FAIL

  1. Kristen says:

    There’s a theory of mind I’ve seen, that suggests instead of a single and uniform self, what we’re actually made of is a parliament of selves, that we only perceive as one conscious mind.

    So somewhere in your parliament, perhaps there’s a member from Kicking Horse Pass who doesn’t like the CPAP, or doesn’t like yielding to sleep at all, and has been pounding on the back bench yelling “What’s in it for me?”

    Figuring out how to get buy-in from that dissenter is the tricky part.

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