Random Ramblings on a Monday

It’s been a busy few days. Sleep continues to be an issue, but hey, on the up side, I exercised this morning for the first time in months! Yay me! Hoping it will help me sleep better tonight, and planning to make it a habit again, as I really do need to get back to exercising.

Thursday Sam and I visited with his grandma and great-grandma, then that night (well, technically Friday at 12:01 a.m.), I went to see the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie on my own while Derek looked after him. (And yes, I realize that seeing a movie at that hour wasn’t the brightest thing to do given my sleep struggles. Moving on…) I’ll put my brief review at the end of this post so that you can stop reading if you don’t want spoilers. I’ll tell you what, though: Man did I feel old. The theatre was crammed with students — some probably high school age, most apparently university age. I think I saw like maybe one couple my age. I had assumed some fannish parents might accompany their teenagers, but I saw all of one mom there with her daughter. (There may have been more, this is just my impression.) I realized later that, well, hey, these kids grew up with Harry Potter; the first book would have come out right around the time they were the target audience for them. Anyway, my thoughts on the movie after the jump. Slightly related, a charming video of the movie’s star, brought to my attention by ToplessRobot.com:

I didn’t have time to post a movie review for my Culture Fridays because I went to Fair November with Tanya on Friday, a truly excellent juried craft show, where I bought a bunch of great new additions for my collection of handmade Christmas ornaments; this has been a tradition for us for a few years now. (The breakable ones will be saved for future years, though; this year it will be strictly shatterproof decorations, as I fully expect Sam to pull the tree down at least once.) Then we had her and Neil over for supper. It was their turn to cook, and what a multicultural fusion feast it was: homemade Italian bruschetta on French baguettes, southwest American white chili with Indian naan, green salad, and Korean salted daikon radish on the side; and my Canadian apple crisp for dessert, made with local Spy apples, and topped with French vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Saturday, Kristen came over. She brought me a whole whack of beading supplies that she’s not using. I’m very excited to start making things with them, and I expect there will be some beading in upcoming Crafty Thursdays posts (some pictures will have to be held until after the holidays for blogging, though… I’m thinking Xmas presents). She had lunch with us: sandwiches with bread fresh from the breadmaker, and lazy mushroom soup — Gardennay cream of mushroom with a pound of sauteed mushrooms stirred in. Then we went shopping, had an outstanding meal at Charcoal Steakhouse with crème brulée for dessert (I realized that I have a policy I had not articulated before now: if there’s crème brulée on the menu, I must order it… so far said policy has not led me wrong), and finally, we went to see Sultans of String playing at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener. OMG, if you ever get a chance to see these guys play, GO! They were absolutely fantastic. Bought both their CDs. To give you a sense of what they are about, the backs of the CD cases are labelled thusly: “file under: atomic world-jazz-flamenco”. So much energy and so much talent, and they make it look so easy!! I am definitely a fan now. I was feeling kinda down that night, as I thought about what I’d been doing two years before: I’d been to the hospital with the intention of keeping vigil over my dying father. But as I listened to him struggle for every breath, I found I couldn’t do it. When his brothers came to keep watch, I left, defeated. I’m so glad they were there for him when I couldn’t be. Anyway, it was impossible to stay in a gloomy mood listening to that brilliantly sunny music on Saturday night. I left with a smile pasted on my face that lasted until I fell asleep.

Yesterday I relaxed a bit, organized the beading supplies (conveniently, Derek had freed up a bunch of tackle boxes — woo!), and did some chores around the house while bopping away with the iPod after Sam went to sleep. One thing I think I need to do is listen to more fun music to start the day and to get housework done. It definitely does good things for my energy level.

Today, I discovered a site called 750words.com through a Ravelry friend’s blog, and I immediately started writing, as I found the morning pages exercise from The Artist’s Way immensely useful years ago. Sam and I then had lunch with my supervisor and visited with my coworkers to discuss my return to work. I’ll be going back the second week of January, full-time. We’ve found a lovely home daycare here in town for Sam and we’ll start some practise runs soon, probably this week, to get him used to going there. To my surprise, I actually am starting to look forward to getting back to work, a tiny little bit. I mean, I still plan on a career change in the future; for those of you who don’t know already, I will soon be applying for Brock University’s B.Ed. in Adult Education, as I can take classes through Conestoga College. I’m excited about the prospect of going back to school, albeit part-time/nights. Although I’ll miss Sam like crazy, I’m not dreading going back to the old job quite as much as I thought I would. Hey, small blessings.

OK, forthwith, my thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 after the jump [SPOILER ALERT]:

I really liked this film adaptation. The brisk pacing works really well; on re-reading, the beginning of the book does drag a little bit, but not so with the film, although I wished they’d had time for the sweetly awkward scene of Dudley’s goodbye to Harry — not essential to the story, so I understand why it was left out, but it was so well-written and strangely touching that I’d hoped it would make its way on screen. Oh well. I thought that having Hedwig killed in action, defending Harry, gave some meaning to her death, while solving the problem of how Voldemort identified the real Harry (the explanation from the book, that one of his “signature” moves gave him away, would have been a bit difficult to convey onscreen I think). Dobby’s death was also beautifully done. Derek finds Daniel Radcliffe’s acting limited, but if that was the case, I didn’t notice; I’m not much of a judge of the actor’s craft. (Also, although he’s short, he’s a fox. An inappropriately young fox for a woman my age, but still. Many shortcomings can be forgiven or overlooked or never even noticed at all in one so comely.) I find I am often oblivious to mediocre acting, as long as the writing is decent, and that the performance has to reach eyewateringly stinky levels of badness before I notice, usually. So, no complaints from me about the performances. My one complaint about the film is how dark and gloomy the lighting and colours are. I realize that the tone of the books gets progressively darker in mood as the characters age and the confrontation with Voldemort approaches, and that much of the story does take place at  night, but I suspect this film will be nigh-unwatchable on DVD, it’s so physically dark. In any case, good movie, well worth seeing on the big screen. I thought they found the perfect cliffhanger ending with Voldemort obtaining the Elder Wand. Can’t wait for Part 2.


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