Like father, like son

Who woulda thunk a bleeding heart feminist commie pinko pacifist socialist liberal would-be vegetarian like me would be so tickled by the sight of my son and his daddy in nearly matching camouflage? (There is a very cute bright yellow and orange cartoony lion patch/embroidery on Sam’s sleeper under Derek’s hand though, so it’s not just solid camo.) The sleeper was a gift from my mom last time we visited, and I just love it — polar microfleece with non-slip feet, cozy and safe as well as adorable. Sam is looking more like his father by the day. He has another tooth, this time his top right incisor, and the left one looks ready to erupt any day now. He’s got his daddy’s muscular tree-trunk legs, on which he can now stand unsupported for several seconds at a time, and is cruising along the sides of the tub or along furniture like a master now. He grabs his penis every chance he gets… such a boy. We still haven’t gotten him to master waving hello and goodbye yet. All in good time. He is occasionally sleeping through the night (still has one waking most nights though), and at least is napping and sleeping very well when he’s not having severe teething pain — such a change from the baby who used to fight and resist sleep for so long! He just keeps changing and growing. Awesome.

ETA Dec. 1: He walked behind one of those wheeled push walkers for several steps twice today for the first time! Woo!

And for our parenting Link of the Day: Nurture Shock, the website for one of the best parenting books I’ve read so far. Check it out, loads of eye-opening articles on the latest scientific research regarding many, many aspects of child-raising.


About Lisa

My name is Lisa, and I used to have a mostly knitting blog called 42 Main Street, at I became a mom in January 2010, and suddenly I wasn't knitting very much any more. Then Blogger stopped supporting FTP and I couldn't keep blogging at that address any more. Although I originally planned to start a new 42 Main Street on WordPress, somehow that identity didn't really fit any more, so I decided it was "Time to Reboot," and that's why you'll find me here now:
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One Response to Like father, like son

  1. Adrienne Davidson says:

    That’s quite the label you have for yourself, Lisa!

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